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The research aimed to support the prevention of child sexual abuse across Europe by:

  • assessing the implementation of these programmes, focusing on their Helpline (delivered by telephone and email)
  • exploring the potential of the programme for affecting behaviour change among child sexual abusers and potential abusers
  • providing an economic analysis of the Stop it Now! Helpline
  • providing a model for developing and implementing similar helpline services in other European countries

The research has now been completed. It was conducted in 2013/14 by NatCen Social Research in the UK and by de Waag in the Netherlands.

The findings from this research were synthesised and used to develop a toolkit outlining how similar programmes could be implemented elsewhere in the EU. The toolkit was also tested with other project partners in Germany and Finland.

The UK and Netherlands research findings and the European toolkit were launched at a one day Stop it Now! Europe Conference at the Houses of Parliament in London in May 2014. We are now disseminating the results with European and international stakeholders.

Project funders and delivery team

The research was financially supported by the Daphne III programme of the European Union. It was led by NatCen Social Research's Crime and Justice Team, in partnership with Stop it Now! UK, de Waag/Stop it Now! the Netherlands, Prevention Project Dunkelfeld, Germany, and Save the Children, Finland.

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