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de Waag started its outpatient forensic psychiatric treatment in 1992 and expanded its offices in seven major cities in the Western part of the Netherlands. About 4500 new clients enter treatment each year. de Waag is part of foundation the De Forensische Zorgspecialisten, which also exists of the Van der Hoevenkliniek (forensic hospital), a forensic outpatient clinic for child abuse, where forensic paediatric doctors objectify injuries in cases of suspected child abuse (Forensische Polikliniek Kindermishandeling) and a centre for Forensic Medicine and Behavioural Sciences (Forum Educatief).

The mission statement of De Forensische Zorgspecialisten is to contribute to a safer society by providing treatment, scientific research and education. de Waag contributes to a safer society by working to achieve lasting changes in the behaviour of clients. These clients, aged 12 and older, exhibit transgressive and/or criminal behaviour and often have (severe) psychological problems. Substance abuse problems may also be an issue.

The staff provide effective, best practice or if available evidence based treatment, focusing on the risk and where possible also involving the client's personal environment in the treatment. de Waag is one of the few treatment centers in the Netherlands that offer specialised help to men with pedosexual feelings and behaviour. Clients are referred to de Waag by the police or the judiciary or clients enter treatment on a voluntarily basis. The clients enter treatment for various reasons such as domestic violence, aggression outside the family, sexually transgressive behaviour or other criminal behaviour.

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